Process Control

Control, PLC & SCADA. We've got you covered.

From a basic control panel to a complete process control suite, we can build or maintain your site. With PLC capability from a programmable relay to a complete SCADA system. We can modify existing programs or create new systems from most manufacturers.


Firstfield can design and build control panels, from simple modifications of existing systems to entire turn-key solutions. We have worked on the smallest motor starter up to entire control suites, and with ongoing maintenance we can provide a complete solution. We are proud of our down-to-earth approach, and with a large amount of practical experience with process lines we can help you to design an easy-to-use solution for your panel requirements.

PLC Control

Even the most basic of process lines can benefit from a simple automated start and shutdown sequence, be it a low cost programmable relay or full PLC. We can provide a touchscreen interface if required, designed to your own process. Available with full remote access possibilities anything can be achieved. Using a number of comms languages such as Profibus, Modbus, CanOpen etc. we can control inverters and motor starters to enable a fully interfaced environment to allow you complete control of your process line.

Example of a PLC Control interface

SCADA Systems

If required we can modify or install a fully automated SCADA system. Allowing world- wide remote access, SCADA provides a fully functioning human interface to control your plant.

Allowing memory of recipes or processes and fault records, SCADA can control your entire factory along with providing feedback on your system. As a step up from a standard PLC/Touchscreen combinations, SCADA can provide a solution to suit a wide range of large-scale projects.

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